Can I send luggage to the hotel ?

Yes, we can keep luggage at the reception desk until your arrival. Please send luggage with your name and check-in date.

Can I send luggage from the hotel ?

Yes, but on a collect-payment basis to domestic-area.

Can I pay the accommodation fee at the time of check-out ?

No, pre-payment is required.

Is there ATM(a cash dispenser) machine in the hotel ?

There is no ATM machine in the hotel.

Does the main entrance close at midnight?

No, it is open for 24 hours.

Can I use the room service ?

No room service available.

Can I bring and leave my luggage before check-in ?

Yes, of course.

Can I stay in a single room with my child ?

Yes, a child, under 12 years old, is free of charge if sharing a bed with a parent.

Do you have a parking ?

No parking.

Can you show me your room before making a reservation ?

Yes, please make an appointment before you come.

Can I request an extra bed ?

No we can not provide an extra bed.

Can I reserve the connecting rooms ?

Yes, but depending on the situation.

Can I reserve the room next to each other ?

Yes, but depending on the situation.

Do you rent a DVD player, VCR, or component ?

Not available.

Can I make a remittance to you in order to pay accomodation beforehand?

Yes, of course.

Do you have a non-smoking room ?

Yes, we have a few rooms, so sometimes we clean a room with a deodrizer.

Is there a vending machine of cigarette ?

There is a vending machine in BF, and sell it at the Front desk.

Is there a free drink in a room refrigerator ?

Yes, there is mineral water. Please use a vending machine in BF for alchoholic drinks, coffee and soft drinks.

May I call a massagist from outside ?

Sorry, not. Please ask for a massagiest at the reception.

Is there a wash-toilet system in a room ?

Yes, there is.

Can I use the Internet system in a room ?

Yes, We have wireless internet system,please ask the reception about a password for using the Internet system upon check-in.

What time do you clean guest rooms ?

Normally, we do room cleaning between 10AM and 14PM if a guest is out of a room.

Can I have ice cubes ?

Yes, please ask at the reception before midnight.

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